Remove door knob without screws – Suddenly you are left with the task of removing your doorknob. You rightfully infer it will be easy enough, simply take out a few screws and take the knob right off. Unfortunately with a plethora of doorknobs available on the market you may not even know what kind you have.

How to remove door knob with no visible screws
  1. Look for the tiny gap on the side of the door knob
  2. Take your flat Philips screwdriver and place it in the gap
  3. With some pressure you can move the clip inside
  4. After applying some pressure you can pull the door knob towards you

Remove door knob without screws

A substantial amount of door knobs have visible screws in which case you would unscrew them, and following this process the rest would appear self explanatory. Interior door knobs tend to have a protective or decorative cover that hides the screws. You may believe it becomes increasingly complicated once you have realized you don’t have screws to work with. Here we will cover a few potential variants in order to make this process as painless as possible. Before you start to remove the door knob ensure the door is not closed as you could accidentally lock yourself in. There will likely be graphite present inside of the cover so make sure you wear clothes you are willing to get dirty.

If you are new to replacing door knobs there is some terminology you will need to keep in mind while reading this article. The door knob itself is either the handle or knob that you grab in order to open the door. This specifically is the part you turn and not any other piece connected to the knob. A latch is a small hole or indent which you will need to apply pressure with a flat head screwdriver in order to push the release open. The trimming plate or plate is referring to the outer circular metal piece that is attached to the door itself. The plate is typically only used for cosmetic purposes for a sleeker finish.

First you need to identify which kind of door knob you are dealing with. In the majority of circumstances you will primarily need to release the latch located on the edge of the knob between the trimming plate and the part you grasp. If you’re having a hard time finding it, try searching for grooves and indents on the knob itself, that’s where the release latch will presumably be. Push in the latch with a flat head screwdriver and grab the knob off with your free hand. Subsequently you will need to find where the latch for the plate is. After locating it you need to repeat the process you performed with the knob. Simply push in the latch with your screwdriver and pull it off with your free hand. For the next step you will want to place a towel or stopper in the door in order to keep it open. Otherwise you will face the predescribed fate of being stuck in your room. Grab a ruler or tape measurer and find the distance from the center of the hole where the knob was and the edge of the door frame. Now it is time to remove the internal screws and take off the remaining pieces.

Now you are ready to being removing the external side of the door knob or the opposing side from the one you’ve already worked on. You will need to again locate the latch on the side of the trimming plate and once you push that the entire door knob should come out of place. You will be left with the side latch or shaft in which typically holds the lock. At this point you should be able to pull the shaft out of place as there is nothing holding it. If the shaft does remain stuck you will need to unscrew the screws located on it’s side and it will come free.

To simply remove the door knob itself there are much fewer steps. In this situation you will need to locate the latch on the side of the knob. This is typically located on the side or base. Take a flat head screwdriver and push in the latch in order to remove the knob. After you finish this step you are done and can work on either adding a new door knob or going further into the process and removing the trimming and side latch.

Remove Door Knob Without Screws Video

How to replace a door knob without visible screws
How to Remove Door Knob Without Screws

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