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Best smart door lock – With the high amount of burglaries and herby rising chance of becoming a crime victim it is important to invest time in securing your properties. Because of all the technologies that we have access to it is possible to achieve higher levels of security in home security while still having a child-friendly easy to use solution. There is a need for a more sophisticated style of living so as to protect against the potential weaknesses of home security. All the homes that are being build are getting more and more smart, why not adapt this way of innovation into the door lock for an intelligent and a more secure experience.

With a keyless smart lock solution it is easier to control the access by monitoring planned criminal activities. Suсh ѕуѕtеmѕ аrе sure better wауѕ оf соntrоllіng thе ассеѕѕеѕ іntо our homes by mоnіtоrіng рlаnnеd сrіmіnаl асtіvіtіеѕ at homes or offices.

The keyless smart door locks are not just modern locks that provide easy access to your house and office. It is more than that. It also provides you more information about what is going on in and around the house so that you don’t have to be there always to keep an eye on the property. Because of the locks your phone stays connected to the location via internet.

Because of these functionalities there becomes more need for these smart locks for use in both homes and offices.

The Best Smart Door Lock List we’ve composed.

Bеlоw you will find a list of popular smart locks sorted by rating that we gave them.

#1 August Smart Lock, 3rd Gen

August is one of the most popular brands when it comes to smart locks. The lock works via the app. You can lock and unlock the door by selecting the lock inside the app. The other option is to unlock the door when approaching. In this mode the door automatically locks when you leave the house. There is a special section inside to app to provide temporary access to friends family members or staff. Via the activity history inside the app you can view the recent visits arranged by time. You can see who came in and who left the building. Besides the iPhone or Android app you can even lock or unlock you door via your Apple Watch!

Features that The August Smart Lock is known for

  • Let people in via the remote app on your smartphone or smart watch.
  • The required app is free.
  • The controller app is made for iPhone iOS and for Android. That’s why it works so easily with any mobile phone.
  • Allow friends and family to enter by creating a url link that you can share with them.
  • The lock runs on battery power. Therefore you don’t have to connect wires. You can just install two AA batteries.
  • It is very easy to install the smart lock yourself.
  • The lock fits inside the current lock recess.


  • Modern dеѕіgn.
  • The smart lock is eаѕу tо іnѕtаll.
  • August has automatic lосk and unlock functionality.
  • Compatible with home automation systems like homekit.


  • The auto lock function is in beta.
  • The price is above average.
  • You need to purchase a bridge to use the lock when you are away.

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#2 Corum Security

The smartlock from Corum is an intelligent lock that unlocks in 4 ways. You can unlock the lock by face scan, passcode, key or via a RFID tag. The lock lasts 12 months with one battery set. There is space for 8 AA batteries. If the battery is running out you can still unlock the door by holding a 9V battery against the contact points on the side of the lock.

The Corum lock contains the newest technology for facial recognition. Face scan is one of the most secure ways of identification. Unlike fingerprint it is almost impossible to imitate a face pattern.

Features Of The Corum Security

  • Patented facial recognition techniques.
  • The lock is easy to install in the current recess. The handle is reversible to make it fit on any door.
  • Corum products are entirely made in Canada. For questions you can always contact the service line from the factory.
  • Store up to 100 different people and 100 entry-codes and cards.
  • Four ways to enter the door.


  • Multifunctional unlocking methode.
  • 12 Months of battery life.
  • Option to connect backup battery.


  • Because of the many unlocking methodes it can be confusing for the user which one to take. 
  • Does not support biometric fingerprint unlock which could be faster for unlocking.

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#3 Zkteco Fingerprint Locks Keyless Keypad Biometric Smart Door Lock.

This smart lock for doors works with a biometric finger scanner. During operation the lock gives instructions to the user by voice messages, it makes operation very easy. Inside the lock there is a anti-theft mechanics build-in to make it possible to lock the door from the inside or the outside which provides more overall security. The Zkteco lock has many options to lock the door. You can use a fingerprint, a code via the build-in keypad, the small keycards or via the ordinary keys.

For durability the lock is provided with a metal cover to protect the keypad and the fingerprint reader. To use these ways of unlocking the lock you can slide the cover open. The code unlock comes with a clever way of code entering. When entering the code it is possible to add before and after the real code some random digits. This way it is almost impossible for unwanted peekers to see the real code. Anyway, the Zkteco has a lot of security techniques build in to secure your home or office.

Features & Highlights

  • A modern fingerprint reader with new quick functioning algorithm with a protective metal cover.
  • Anti theft random code possibility.
  • Various access methods ensures that there is always a entering methode that fits the user.
  • Modest alarm for low battery or illegal operation. Open/close history is downloadable via usb.
  • Internal stored data remains when lock runs out of battery.


  • A modern fingerprint reader with new quick functioning algorithm with a protective metal cover.
  • Voice guided instructions for quick and easy operations.
  • The idle build-in handle design prevents fordable entry.
  • Reversible handle design makes it possible to install the lock on any type of door.
  • Internal stored data remains when lock runs out of battery.
  • Various access methods ensures that there is always a entering methode that fits the user.


  • The lock is quite expensive
  • Thеrе аrе сhаnсеѕ thаt thе fіngеrрrіnt lосk wіll mаlfunсtіоn. 

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#4 Samsung SHS-P718 Push Pull Smart Door Lock

Samsung SHS-P718 lock provides an easy entry handle to open the door while your hands are full. The lock can hold up to 31 codes and cards for a flexible user entry.

The batteries can last 12 months when used normally (10 open actions per day).

The lock is totally compatible with other intercom brands so that you can connect the lock to talk with the person in front of the door. This way it is also possible to unlock the door wirelessly.


  • The design with push and pull opening is easy to use, also while hands are full.
  • Quick and accurate finger scan to unlock the door via optical biometric authentication.
  • Via the build-in IR receiver the lock detects people approaching to wake-up the lock automatically.
  • The lock contains a display with actual information about the locking status.
  • Mute mode possible to enter the house quietly for entering at night.


  • Easy to use push-pull opening.
  • 31 Users can open the lock via code or cards.
  • The lock uses fingerprint unlock.


  • The lock is more expansive than our nr.1 lock August.
  • The design can be confusing of new users because of the push pull handle.

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#5 Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint And Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lock

Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth is totally keyless for maximum flexibility. To open the lock you can use the code, bluetooth on your phone or the build-in fingerprint reader. To unlock via bluetooth just knock on your phone even when it is in your pocket.


  • Advanced fingerprint technique to store up to 95 fingerprints.
  • Store 95 people with accesscode.
  • Anti peek function to access the lock by code. You can add random numbers before and after your real access code to delude the people who want to peek.
  • Hidden backup key on the bottom of the lock to enter when batteries are not working.
  • Build for use indoor and outdoor usage. Totally dust and waterproof.


  • Anti peek function to access the lock by code.
  • Hidden backup key on the bottom.
  • Totally dust and waterproof.


  • With a keyhole it is still possible to pick the lock.

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Although you see the “best smart door lock”-list, a smart door lock doesn’t always guarantee more security. But what they do is best smart door they provide a more easy way of unlocking and locking your doors. The locks give the option to enter the house or office with your arms loaded down with groceries. The lock recognizes your phone or your fingerprint an unlocks the door for you.

When deciding which lock to buy there is no right or wrong. All the locks have their own advantages and functions so please read carefully the specifications before buying a lock.

Installing the lock yourself? Read our step by step guide on installing a door lock!

Best smart door lock: August Smart Lock

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